EIL Systems products are characterized by ingenious and original inventive solutions, which managed to obtained the patent or the patentability judgment based on three key requirements: innovation, originality and industrialization of processes.


20 years of know-how and technological development


10+ patents for exclusive use of technologies



Made in Italy full design and production



Specialized in portable lighting systems

The laws of aircraft construction

Towerlux lighting products were born in the aeronautical field, and have been developed following the key principles of aeronautical construction

We use materials and processes which are best suited to the creation of each specific product component

We use components and features chosen for minimizing maintenance for every single part and for the overall product

We follow test methodologies and check procedures for quality management of all our finished products

We perform verification tests and a functionality check before delivering each individual system to the customer

Aeronautics type

Towelux products developed with EILIGHT® technology fulfill all the key requirements of aeronautical products

Lightweight: we adopt light materials, reticular structures, special technical fabrics

Simple: we apply simple solutions to complex problems.

Profiled: we design our products with the aim of providing minimum operating and storage dimensions

Sturdy: we use metals, materials and aeronautical small parts with high rigidity and non-deformable features.

Long-lasting: we adopt primary components with unlimited useful life

Safe: safety is a distinctive element of our products, which obtained plenty of certifications through quality tests and controlled production processes.

EILIGHT® is EIL Systems' premium quality lighting brand

Our light is High Fidelity. Our Towerlux series of light towers was indeed designed and developed in order to put you in the best possible operating conditions

Biological benefit
Some may not be aware of the fact that one of the possible issues caused by high-power LED lighting is possible damage to the retina of the eye. The light emitted by the Towerlux EIL Systems series of lighting towers is 80% below biohazard thresholds

High Fidelity Light
Greatest colour fidelity is obtained when the type of light emitted closely resembles that of the sun. The light supplied by the lighting towers of the Towerlux series falls within the so-called “Daylight” regime, which returns the same colour fidelity visible in full-day conditions

Visual comfort
The punctual light of a candle in the dark is more dazzling than that produced by our towers, because the powerful light emitted by our lighting towers is spread over a large surface of fabric and distributed evenly over the entire surrounding space, without contrasts and imbalances

Field depth
Without resorting to technicalities, here is our 360° light intensity scale that anyone can check: you can stick the thread in a needle at 15 m, read a newspaper at 30 m, at 50 m you may change a car’s tire and at 100 m, you can see where you’re putting your feet


For exceptional performance

EILIGHT® is the brand and the light diffuser system patented by EIL Systems, consisting of a semi-transparent four-layer technical fabric sewn and packaged in a stack, cylinder or cone with high mechanical resistance, combined with artificial silk.
Used in portable lighting towers, EIL Systems intercepts the luminous flux of LEDs at the source and spreads it homogeneously over the entire surface, eliminating the glare.

The performance provided by this solution guarantees resistance to impacts, wear, atmospheric agents and UV rays.


Black fiber weave crossed with
an angle of inclination of 6°

Second layer of crossed fiber
weave at 90° inclination

The two fiber weaves are incorporated and fused
into a transparent polyester film with excellent
handling properties

Finally, the Taffeta, one of the most beautiful white artificial
silk fabrics, completes the structure of the laminate.
It features a tightly woven light mesh, extremely fine and
translucent on the surface, providing a perfect balance between
transparency and homogeneous light spreading

A special thin version of the Taffeta in white synthetic fiber is coupled with transparent trilaminate, forming the backbone of LUMINITE and of the GAIA cone, providing the needed amount of opacity for a homogeneous diffusion of the powerful light, emitted by the LED source.


EILIGHT® technology guarantees you unique advantages over other products on the market, for performance, savings and impact on the environment.


Total Energy Savings
By using EIL Systems products you will save on depreciation costs, electricity wear, transport expenses, storage costs, use of environmental resources, and finally, physical and mental maintenance fatigue for your operators. You will save on costs; you will get to invest in the benefits.


Maximum useful life
The main components of all EIL Systems products have an operational life of over 20,000 hours: over 2500 eight hours-cycles each, worth over six years of consecutive nightly use. Taking into account average usage cycles, you can count on a worry-free operational life lasting no less than fifteen years.


Zero maintenance
With the exception of normal cleaning operations, EIL Systems products do not imply scheduled maintenance on expiry with mandatory replacements of essential components. We do not place conditions on the use of our products which could lead to unexpected or unforeseeable costs.


Minimum “Volumetric Weight”
Anyone who ever shipped something to any location in the world knows that shipping costs are calculated based on “Volumetric Weight”; that is based on weight and encumbrance. We minimize both. Whatever calculation the carrier applies for establishing the shipping rate, you can rest assured that, in your case, it will be minimized.


Physical energy savings for operators
Our products are lighter than any other solution which produces the same light intensity. This means that any operator using our products will consume from 20% (GAIA) to 70% (LUMINITE) less work energy (for lifting, transport, positioning) than with the use of other products delivering the same power.


No mounting equipment needed
EIL Systems products are simple and intuitive, and their implementation does not require the use of any equipment. Traditional products may need barrows, pulleys, tubes and couplings. All these items require actions which make things complicated operations for operators and often require further support equipment.


Minimal mental effort
In general, everything is complex. It is almost never the case that we do something without checking out user manuals or procedures, first. And the resulting mental fatigue of doing this leads to a decrease in performance, and an increase in risks and operational times. The use of EIL Systems products is simple, fast and intuitive.


Smaller footprint than hand luggage
Shelves, rooms, warehouses cost money. The required volume “consumed” by a GAIA module is 0.053 cubic meters (39 liters) lower than the maximum volume allowed for hand luggage on an airplane (0.044 cubic meters/44 liters). The required volume “consumed” by storage of a LUMINITE set is only 0.178 mc (178 lt): less than half the trunk of a common car. This is saving.


Less aluminum: more environment
Aluminum radiators are used for the cooling of LEDs, and their main component, aluminum oxide, is extracted from the Bauxite mines in Africa. The process of transforming oxide into primary material has a strong environmental impact. By using forced air, we save 60% of the radiator’s aluminum.


We reply from Italy
EIL Systems products are completely made in Italy, and we are solely responsible for their quality even for components that we purchase in other countries. We are international in trade, European in spirit, Italian in inventiveness and responsibility.