Specialized in the design and production of PORTABLE LIGHTING TOWERS for all sectors and intellectual owners of numerous patents applied to our lighting systems

“We Bring light Everywhere”


The aeuronautical-derived EIL Systems technology, with 20 years of know-how and over 10 patents


EIL Systems light towers are designed for facing any Situation. Used in all kinds of predicament, they have always returned excellent customer satisfaction. We are able to provide customized solutions tailored around the customer’s needs, while maintaining the high quality standards that have always made us stand out.


For 20+ years, EIL Systems has been investing in the field of research and development, offering everything needed by any customer to work, in a simple, safe and fast way. Proof of this are the numerous patents applied to our lighting systems, allowing us to offer truly innovative solutions, with unique performances on the market.


EILIGHT® technology is synonymous with reliability and safety. The use of cutting-edge technologies and materials, some of which with infinite useful life, guarantees utmost durability. The production of EIL Systems products entirely takes place in Italy, and we provide a 24 months guarantee in total even on customized productions.

We listen to your needs

We are united by one purpose: guiding customers towards their goals


On request, we provide development of lighting towers on exact specifications by any customer, offering a dedicated technical project and complete development, up to the solution receiving all needed certifications.

It is also possible to aesthetically customize lighting towers on specific request.


EIL Systems lighting towers have always been applied in the most extreme conditions, where it is crucial to provide the best possible lighting in the shortest possible amount of time. EIL Systems lighting towers guarantee all this, as well as practicality, efficiency and reliability. The extreme flexibility and high performance of EIL Systems lighting towers make them ideal for every application and in every industry.

– Rescue and emergency operations
– Environmental emergency interventions
– Army and Law Enforcement Operations
– Construction sites and road maintenance
– Industrial and loading areas
– Events, sports facilities and large areas

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