It all started with a bet on an airport runway

Everything around us, no matter how complex, is born out of a simple idea: it often spawns from some brilliant intuition, on which other technical solutions and inventions are further developed, on a path of infinite growth and knowledge.

“Our simple idea” was born in 1997 on an airstrip and with a bet: being able to illuminate a 500 meters-long landing strip in a maximum time of three minutes, with portable, temporary lighting systems, without causing glare and easily transporting all equipment in the trunk of a car.

The simplest idea ever: using air

The bet is taken up and won by Guido Medici, current Director of EIL Systems S.R.L., a passionate aviator and the director for the aeronautical publications of Avioportolano AIS (Aeronautical Information Service), who invents a revolutionary "light tower” system: "instead of using heavy metal to bring up the light source, he employs a simple supporting pillar in air-inflated fabric."

Two ingenious solutions

The first ingenious solution:
No metal

No metal and no tools needed for putting the system into operation. There is only a high-powered compressed air turbine, raising a powerful light source to a height of 5 meters, with an overall product weight of only 25 kg. The time it takes to set up the system is just 15 seconds per tower.

The second ingenious solution:
Anti-glare diffuser

For the Towerlux LUMINITE inflatable light tower we use the same fabric employed for encasing the wings of ultralight airplanes. Over 5 square meters of illuminated fabric uniformly spreads the light at 360°, eliminating the problem of glare and making it possible to see objects placed beyond the light source.

Our present and our future.

EIL Systems S.R.L. was founded on the initiative by Guido Medici, owner of the TowerLux patent, for providing continuity and development to production in Italy.
EIL Systems S.R.L. has managed to include all the best technical solutions developed over the years by licensee companies within TowerLux LUMINITE.


Filing of Guido Medici's EIL Systems patent

EIL systems can boast several patented technical solutions. The first patent dates back to 1999: “Emergency Inflatable Lighting System with bearing structure - PCT 33/99”. This was followed by others. Patent 33/99 was nationalized and definitively approved (Patent Approved) in 18 European countries and in 10 further non-European countries, and is known by its trade name Towerlux.

OVA BARGELLINI SPA acquires the license

OVA BARGELLINI SPA acquires the production rights for the Towerlux patent, starting marketing of the product for the Italian market, where it is welcomed with great enthusiasm for its innovation and practicality.


ASKA EQUIPEMNTS LTD, the most important Indian company in the Safety sector, acquires the license for the production and marketing of the Towerlux product for the Indian market, enjoying great success, to the point that by law, every train must be equipped with a Towerlux emergency lighting.

USA license

Towerlux's succes is recognized worldwide, with an important company included within the "safety" sector deciding to invest in it by purchasing Towerlux's production and marketing license in the United States.

C.F.C. 2000 Inc.

C.F.C. 2000 Inc., a road works company, senses Towelux's potential in the construction and road maintenance business. After acquiring the license for production and marketing of the product in Canada, it develops the new Towerlux LUMINITE model.

EIL Systems S.R.L. is born

EIL Systems S.R.L. was born on the initiative of Guido Medici, owner of the TowerLux patent, in order to give continuity and development to production in Italy. EIL Systems S.R.L. summarizes the best technical solutions developed over the years by licensee companies, in TowerLux LUMINITE.

Towerlux GAIA LED

Thanks to the constant research and development of the EIL Systems team for meeting the needs of its customers, the new Towerlux GAIA LED patent is filed in Europe and in many other non-European countries.

GAIA LED arrives to India

Almost 20 years after the acquisition by ASKA EQUIPEMNTS LTD of the first Towerlux patent, the production and marketing license of the Towerlux GAIA LED product for the Indian market is acquired.

Nuovi prodotti e strumenti di supporto operativo a REAS 2023

Anche quest’anno EIL SYSTEMS sarà una delle aziende attive a REAS 2023 e con l’occasione saranno molte le novità che presentaremo tra eventi, convegni e dimostrazioni pratiche presso il nostro stand.

Vi aspettiamo dal 6 all’8 Ottobre allo STAND C3 – PAD. 5.