Lac-Mégantic - Quebec - Canada
Luminite 110 Volt 60Hz - Manufactured under licence from Eil Systems by CFC 2000 (Canada)
Lac-Mégantic Fire Brigade - Supply CFC 2000 on behalf of EIL Systems srl


H24 intervention for providing safety within the area.


Operating scenario

Lac-Mégantic train crash – July 6, 2013 around 1:15 am local time; 72 wagons containing oil derailed; 30 city buildings razed to the ground; 150 firefighters called to action; 1,000 evacuated people; 36 hours later, risk of explosion still high.



Good meteorological conditions; difficulties in accessing the area; potential risk of explosions due to the presence of flammable material residues.


Nr. 4 Luminite Standard units with HQI 110V 60Hz lamp mounted on Honda Quads; Night operations for 7 nights; lighting for allowing cutting of water wagons in order to secure the area.


Main success factors

Mobility of employment. Installation on mobile vehicles in mere seconds; rapid portability at any point on the construction site; possibility of positioning them at any angle (even lying on the ground).


General success factors

  • lighting power;
  • low beam;
  • 360° lighting.



Reports and videos made by the Montreal Fire Brigade.



Lightness and ease of installation on any vehicle are exclusive advantages of the EIL Systems portable field lighting units, which continuously prove superior in all environmental emergency response missions.
Operators active in the field of ordinary and extraordinary technical maintenance of plants, networks and strategic systems are usually resorting to the effective and consolidated speed of operation of these systems: power lines, water drainage channels, railway lines.

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