A4 Venice-Trieste motorway
Gaia Led
Stevanato Srl


Wide non-grazing and non-glare lighting needed for personal safety on the construction site and execution of precision work.


Operating scenario

Road construction site for the construction of the third lane on the A4 Venice-Trieste motorway. With operations on a restricted area.



Construction site materials and equipment scattered on the ground with obstacles over the entire intervention area, with potential safety risk for operators.


Nr. 1 GAIA LED model, 86,000 lm of power delivered at 360° with anti-glare filter; permanently located in the construction site and powered by generators supplied by the company.


Main success factors

Light weight, possibility of rapid movement within the area; homogeneous lighting of all the elements within the construction site; possibility for operators to carry out all needed precision work.


General success factors

  • use of bracing turned out to be not needed;
  • use of only ballast available on site.


What they said

“With the Eil system, any worker can effectively render the night construction site operational in only a few seconds, taking advantage of the time available for carrying out the work, even late at night during winter I am now able to finish work which I would have to postpone to the next day otherwise “- Elia Stevanato – Stevanato Srl Director.



With the preparation of the portable GAIA field lighting system, EIL Systems responds to any need lighting in shipbuilding. Luminite for quick interventions, Gaia for more stable systems. Both stable, light, easy to handle, simple to use. No elements to assemble: the Luminite is a united piece; Gaia are two pieces, module and tripod.

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