Montreal - Canada
Luminite Standard
Montreal Airport


Immediate intervention for isolating the area; beginning of FAA investigations; restoration of airport operations.


Operating scenario

Restoration of operations at the Montreal Airport, following a Boeing 737-600 West Jeff derailment accident – Montreal Airport – Canada – No injuries.



Good meteorological conditions; easily accessible area.


Nr. 3 Luminite Standard units, with 875W 90,000 lm lamp already supplied by the airport; preparation of the area during the day and night continuation for investigations and moving of the wrecked plane.


Main success factors

Ease and speed of intervention. Only two switches to be operated, operational in 5 minutes without the need to assemble constituent elements.


Secondary success factors

  • lightness;
  • comfort of brightness;
  • high fidelity in the color rendering of objects.



Photos, videos and television reports of the Montreal Airport security service.



EIL Systems’s portable field lighting sets have been successfully tested in both critical and difficult scenarios: passenger rescue operations, runway and apron maintenance, post-accident operational recovery. Through the helicopter departments of the State Police and the Fire Brigade, the EIL Systems sets were subjected to burst stress generated by helicopter rotors, for use near heliports and preparation of occasional helipads.

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