2017 and currently in use
Luminite Professional
Automobil Club Montecarlo


Replacement of traditional light towers; need to install light sources for one day upon departure and re-install them three days later upon arrival, safely and within a short time; low beam brightness for facilitating video and photo shooting; lights to be easily positioned depending on the needs of the various teams during tyre changes.


Operating scenario

Main automotive events organized by the Automobil Club of Montecarlo. “Monte Carlo Rally” and Historical Cars “Grandprix”. Lighting of the car rally area, in boxes for tyre changes before the start and at the finish area.



Town with a high concentration of people within a small area; port front with moderate gusts of wind.


Nr. 20 Luminite Professional with dual lamp, 875 875W 90,000 90,000 lm p, 3 hours total for complete installation operated by two people. Disassembly in 1h 30’. Diversified placement. Placement based on requests during teams operations.


Main success factors

Comfort and lighting power, design. Total of 3,600,000 lm of power delivered with diffused and homogeneous low lighting. Brightness scenario of high design. Rapid movement of systems from the meeting area to the departure box area.


General success factors

  • speed of installation and demobilization;
  • 360° access ways lighting;
  • lighting systems to be also used during preparations for Formula 1;
  • possibility of using the systems in other scheduled events.



Montecarlo is the most emblematic and thorough example of the success factors offered by EIL Systems’ portable and belfry lighting products for events.
50 Towerlux systems were used to illuminate the path of the Holy Father to the church of the Madonna di Loreto. Rally, Motocross, Bike routes even on snow and rough routes have been illuminated by EIL Systems. However, there is certainly no shortage of examples of lighting for events held in squares, open-air theatres, temporary parking lots and dozens of other situations where the use of EIL SYSTEMS portable field lighting products was a key factor for success.

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