Viterbo - Italy
Luminite Chinook
4° Rgt. Sost. AVES “Scorpione”


Arrangement for an autonomous diesel or JetA1-powered air-transportable lighting system, with a maximum total weight including liquids of 190 kg and immediate operation in a maximum time of 5′, including landing activity.


Operating scenario

Missions for transport and unloading of materials from helicopters.



Hypothesized conditions of total darkness and possible obstacles on the ground.


Based on specific requests, a light module was created consisting of a trolley, generator and Luminite lighting unit with metal halide light source and extension of the structure to 5 meters in height, to be eventually reduced to 2.5 meters. The generator used features diesel engine and inverter. Purposefully-designed stainless steel trolley. Total operating weight including liquids: 179 kg.


Main success factors

Mode of usage. Transportability by helicopter. Immediately operational after landing within 3′, by a single person. Brightness suitable for visual exploration of the terrain up to 130 meters. Manual movement of the system with the tower continuously lit up to the operating position.


General success factors

  • lighting power;
  • low beam;
  • 360° lighting.



Technical operating manual, video manual created by 4° Rgt. Sost. AVES “Scorpione” 1°Mar. L.tnt Aldo Bianchi.


What they said

“The field lighting system produced by EIL Systems s.r.l. has shown such lighting capacity as to be able to operate at 360°, up to a distance of about 120 meters. The tested material proved to be particularly valid for its quick handling and installation, even in confined spaces. Ultimately, the Luminite portable lighting system is an extremely functional system for its versatility of uses for which it can be employed, for its ease of transport, rapidity of commissioning and low operating and maintenance costs”.

Arma dei Trasporti e Materiali dell’esercito Italiano – TRAMAT – Cap. TRAMAT RS Stefano Venturini.


EIL Systems field lighting products are now widely used by Italian armed forces in many contexts and operational scenarios. They have supported the Pioneers Engineers departments of the Italian Army during emergency interventions in Amatrice and are used in construction site activities, bridging the capacitive gap due to the use of inadequate and/or technically outdated lighting systems.

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