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TowerLux, Luminite, Dieselight


Tower Lux, Luminite and Dieselight are the trade names of EIL® Systems products. Tower Lux and Luminite are available in two versions: with or without a built-in power generator. The first version has a double power supply (from the mains or from its generator), the second version can only be powered from the mains or an external generator. In both cases, the system’s compact size and moderate weight make it easy to carry and set up for operation, in just a few minutes, and in conditions of complete darkness. The simple principle of operation of the system and its light weight ensure operation in every condition, providing the required safety, even when the structure is subject to random gusts of wind exceeding 70 km/h.





Smithlight is an international patent that revolutionised the portable professional lighting industry. It is fully autonomous, equipped with internal batteries with an autonomy of up to 12 hours with a single charge. It can be recharged from a 230 Volt network or 12/24 Volt sockets. Batteries, light source and accessories are protected inside the solid and compact ABS 747 shock-proof container. The LED light sources can be lifted to various operating heights to optimise performance. The leds can be are arranged on one or both sides, providing lighting over 180° or 360°. The direction of the LEDs can be adjusted up to angles of 60°. The maximum degree of protection IP65 and explosion proof certification allow it to be used in any critical situation. An extensive supply of accessories allows the lamp to be applied to scaffolding, piling and tripod stands.