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A Simple Idea


Every successful invention mankind has ever made, no matter how complicated, is based on a simple idea. Everything can be traced back to that initial idea.
We had a simple idea for technical illumination - and we patented it all over the world. We then developed this idea and finally transformed it into an actual object. The most important and successful firms in the sector of technical illumination saw, studied, tested and appreciated our invention. They then went on to purchase patent rights, turned it into an industrial product and progressively developed it.
Our mission is to present this simple idea, which has, in the meantime, been developed into a well-established product all over the world, earning the collaboration of the best industrial partners that are set on following us.


The Problem

The Solution

How Does it Work

How can a single individual illuminate an area extending over 10,000 sqm in 5 minutes, without the availability of a power grid, using a low-cost system that can be easily carried?
Technically speaking, one can also ask this question in the following terms: how can one person lift a light source containing metallic iodides providing 95000 lm of power to a height of 4 to 5 meters, without using a metal structure, in order to illuminate a vast area, in just a few seconds?
How can the system be supplied with an autonomous power generator of a weight and size that make it possible for a single individual to operate the system, and carry it in an ordinary car?

EIL System has patented all over the world a lighting kit that works completely autonomously. It is characterized by a supporting structure in synthetic fabric and an air-inflated cylinder which raises the light source from 4 to 5 meters high and provides excellent illumination over the entire area involved The whole structure can be easily made to function by a single person, in conditions of complete darkness, in less than 3 minutes, making it possible to illuminate surfaces 10000 sq meters. It can be carried in the trunk of an ordinary car. The system is protected by an international patent according to the Patent Cooperation Treaty

A series of axial fans constantly directs air into the supporting structure, generating a sufficient amount of pressure to make the light source rise and provide the necessary stability.
It takes approximately 11 seconds to inflate the structure vertically. During the inflation stage the structure swells vertically and can be made to operate even in narrow spaces.
The structure is anchored to the ground by simple tie rods, allowing the system to operate even with wind gusts of up to 75 km/h.