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About us

EIL Systems srl stands for Emergency Inflatable Lighting Systems: a technical emergency lighting system patented in 1999 by Guido Medici. It consists in a supporting structure made of an acrylic material which, inflated by a powerful and constant air flow, allows operational lighting units, antennas, video cameras and antenna towers to be lifted to various heights, in just a few seconds. The manufacturing licence for products that are relative to and deriving from the inventive idea was issued over the years to various leading emergency system production companies operating in India, Australia, Canada, United States and South Africa. OVA Bargellini SPA was the manufacturer in Italy until 2010, whose products were sold under the trade name “TowerLux”. Since 2011 the new producer of the system in Italy has been EIL Systems srl who, guided by Guido Medici, the inventor of the system, revamped the classic TowerLux and, in 2012, extended the range of available models by launching the new “TowerLux Luminite”: a product that combines, all in one, the experiences and production solutions adopted by the licensed-manufacturers in the countries where the system has been sold successfully on the market with over 8000 units. From “Ground Zero” to the Etna crisis, from New Orleans to the earthquakes in India, from airport emergencies to refugee camps, the EIL® system has undergone arduous testing in the field. With this solid ten-year experience, Guido Medici and EIL® Systems srl are therefore re-launching, in Italy, – with enthusiasm, new ideas, modern products and renewed technical solutions – the initial challenge and adventure that began over ten years ago.


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